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Thickness of PVC sheet is usually between 1mm and 2mm, which is thinner than that of PVC foam board. PVC sheet applies to inside pages of advertisement, menu and photo album and other advertising consumables.

PVC sheet has characteristics of mould proofing, corrosion resistance, no water absorption. Made according to weatherproof formula, it won't easily age and its color will last for a long time. The PVC sheet also has good flame retardancy. It can self-extinguish after getting away from fire, preventing the occurrence of fire disaster. In addition, our product is lightweight and is thus convenient to transport and process.


Size 915mmX1830mm, 1220mmX2440mm, 1560mmX3050mm, 2050mmX3050mm
Density 0.43g/cm3 ---1.0g/cm3
Thickness 1mm---30mm
Color White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black

Note: The above parameters can be individually customized according to customers' requirements.

As a widely-used synthetic material, PVC sheet is very popular in today's material market. Its main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride which is a kind of polymer material replacing hydrogen atom in polyethylene with a chlorine atom. With a certain degree of transparency, PVC is yellowish and shiny. Our product is made by adding other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. The top of the sheet is paint and the lower part is mainly PVC. Adhesive can be coated as needed.

Our company has complete PVC sheet production lines and advanced technology. Sheets with the thickness of only 1 to 2 mm are produced by direct stirring, rotation and high-temperature rolling of the roller mill. In the meantime, patterns can be printed on the front of the membrane. If necessary, a back coating can be attached to the back of the sheet by the back coating machine. The whole production process is conducted at high temperature (temperature inside the roller mill reaches 220℃), making the PVC sheet has high resistance to light and fire and ensuring high quality of the product. In addition, the raw material has gone through special refining and the toxic substances are completely extracted. Therefore, our PVC sheet is absolutely non-toxic and tasteless, without any stimulation to human skin and respiratory system. Welcome to contact us.

Our company is a specialized PVC sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer photo album PVC sheet, advertising PVC sheet, furniture PVC foam board, PVC foam panel, and more.

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